#Curvynagers are here!

Plus size clothing market is finally moving, and more and more online clothing stores are filling their content with the curvy cathegory (also called PLUS, with comfortable sizes). But finding what we need between tons of websites is truly a stressing experience. 

Alle donne, per le donne!

" Donne, donne, oltre alle gambe c'è di più" cantavano Jo Squillo e Sabrina Salerno. E avevano ragione. Perchè le donne non sono solo fisico proporzionato e occhi da gatta. Le donne sono molto di più. Le donne sono il motore del mondo. Hanno tanti poteri, non magici, ma reali.  

It’s all about details

There is one thing all 40nagers should do in their daily life: express themselves. And one of the way to do so is certainly through the look. Don't uniform to the masses, be unique, though following (always) the trend of the moment.