I already miss Lago di Como and the sunny mornings I spent together with my mother drinking a superlative cappuccino at an outdoor table, at a fine vintage point from which we could watch the city... 

It’s all about details

There is one thing all 40nagers should do in their daily life: express themselves. And one of the way to do so is certainly through the look. Don't uniform to the masses, be unique, though following (always) the trend of the moment. 

Simply chic

I have no doubts that being a 40nager is an easy task with this Fashion Season. Many trends from the past have new life this year: the "evergreen" denim, the superchic camel color, sexy stiletto shoes and animalier pattern, for the bravest 40nagers!  

Romantically Gothic

Do you have a dark side? Show it, cause this is the right time! Gothic allure, punk details, black lace dresses, studded jackets or bags in an all black outfit are a must for the 2016 Autumn/Winter Girls Night Out Season! And you don't need to go shopping for this outfit!