Simply chic

I have no doubts that being a 40nager is an easy task with this Fashion Season. Many trends from the past have new life this year: the "evergreen" denim, the superchic camel color, sexy stiletto shoes and animalier pattern, for the bravest 40nagers!  

Romantically Gothic

Do you have a dark side? Show it, cause this is the right time! Gothic allure, punk details, black lace dresses, studded jackets or bags in an all black outfit are a must for the 2016 Autumn/Winter Girls Night Out Season! And you don't need to go shopping for this outfit! 

Oversize and microbags

Keep in mind these two words. They are a must of this Autumn/Winter 2016 season. It doesn't matter if they are jumpers, t-shirts, or denim jackets, be prepared to see your hands disappearing under long sleeves, and proportions being re-established!