I already miss Lago di Como and the sunny mornings I spent together with my mother drinking a superlative cappuccino at an outdoor table, at a fine vintage point from which we could watch the city... 

Love in your heart, hearts on your body

What's more evocative of love than a heart? It is for this reason that in this time of the year (S. Valentine day approaching ladies and gentlemen!) shops are full of heart shaped or printed gadgets. And it is for this time of the year that men prove their love... 

Denim, I´m mad about you

More than two centuries passed since the first clothes made of denim appeared and we are still here, struggling and craving for one of the most iconic fashion piece: jeans. From being only a pair of trousers used by american (male) workers and cowboys... 

Winter Sales Have Hit the Floor

Ah, yes – sales shopping! This frenzied time of the year when we all completely lose sense of who we are, is here… So Shop Up the Trends Now! Don’t make those last years’ mistakes and end up with a wardrobe full of things you don't really want, make smart investments!  

The Statement Coat

We see snow flurries almost everywhere in Europe these days, and this gives as all the reason we need to pull out our best winter extras. So, lets start with a pair of elbow length gloves. Check. Boots? Check. Yes, we know. You don’t have to remind us. 

THAT shiny winter touch on your nails!

In Italy there is a say that plays more or less like this: “Epiphany takes all the celebrations away (Epifania tutte le feste porta via)”. But the festive spirit is hard to take away, so why not to keep some detail to our style? 

New Year’s Eve Inspirations

Here we are! This is THAT time of the year we are just have one thing in mind: how to shine under the lights of the NYE night. Likely, this fashion season seemed to be done uniquely for this day.  

Alessia’s winter secrets

Are you planning some special makeup for this Christmas Season? Before going shopping some new blush or some new lipstick, I want to share with you some of the makeup tricks I know.